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What is 'Challenge My Rates'?

Challenge My Rates helps everyday Australians like you save on mortgage repayments. With a strong business foundation and proven industry expertise, Challenge My Rates is affiliated with one of the most respected and trusted financial services companies in Australia.

Most Australians aspire to own a place that they can call home, or are considering purchasing their first investment property. At Challenge My Rates, our collective efforts are directed towards fulfilling these aspirations and dreams of our customers.

We care not only about your current situation, but also your future aspirations! The entire gamut of our services will assist you in an all-inclusive property buying experience that is available for you anytime and anywhere.

You will never have to worry about getting the best rate, as Challenge My Rates guarantee ensures that our customers are always getting the best deal on their loans requirements. If Challenge My Rates can’t save you money on your mortgage, we will pay you $100 - this is our promise!


Mission Statement:

Our Primary goal is to make housing finance more affordable/viable while also keeping with the principle of continually working towards greater ‘customer convenience’.

Our sole objective is to provide hard working people like you, access to best-in-the-market rates on your home loan. After all, we’re sure you would definitely prefer to save, rather than give it to the banks.

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