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Bad Credit Home Loans

At Challenge My Rates we believe everyone should have a chance to own their home, even if they have had some financial setbacks in the past. If you have an inadequate or poor credit history then you've come to the right place for starting your fresh credit future.

Why a Bad Credit Home Loan?

While you pay for a poor mortgage loan with a higher rate of interest, there are reasons for applying for a poor credit home loan:

  • You will be out of the rental market and own a home which¬† will be yours as long as you keep it.
  • As long as you meet your repayments regularly, you will improve your credit rating.
  • You can be in a position to refinance your loan with a lower interest rate in the future, when your credit rating improves.

Eligibility for a Bad Credit Home Loan

If you have a poor credit rating due to following reasons we can find you a loan:

  • Paid or unpaid defaults
  • Credit card defaults
  • Discharged bankruptcies
  • Limited credit history
  • Discharge of a Part 9 Debt Agreement


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