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Australia is currently going through the biggest house price declines this year. The world’s major crediting agencies have declared that any recovery is not expected until 2020. As prices and interest rates fall, discounts increase and competitions reduce giving buyers with good credit histories, the best of all worlds. There has also been a pullback in investor lending due to a number of regulatory interventions. Banks have made it almost impossible for overseas investors to
With customized homes being the trend of the town, more and more Australians are choosing to have their abodes built as per their tastes. Of course, nothing’s better than having your home built exactly the way you dreamed. Choosing the right builder can be one of the biggest decisions in the house building process as the builder is responsible for creating the house that you live in for years to come. Here are some points
So you decided to buy a house. Out of all life’s decisions that you may take, buying a house would be one of the most complex and unnerving ones. While buying a property, the one thing that you cannot overdo is research. So before jumping right in, why don’t you go through our comprehensive guide to buying a property? Valuate your decision Since buying a house is probably the largest investment that you’ll make, it
So, you woke up dreaming of that house again!! The one you always wanted to own… But are you jittery of taking the leap? Are you a novice when it comes to handling finances and mortgages? Then look no more… We are here (at your fingertips) to help you in your quest. Tips on buying your first property – What not to do… It’s your dream… to have a place to your own name, a
Rent to buy is basically a scheme wherein you have to pay rent for the home you wish to buy for a set time period, and at the end of the contract’s term, you have the pay the pending amount. Many Australians who wish to own their dream home are curious about it. The main aim of this scheme is to provide access to affordable housing and also to ensure that the houses that are