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How to choose the right builder for your dream home

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With customized homes being the trend of the town, more and more Australians are choosing to have their abodes built as per their tastes. Of course, nothing’s better than having your home built exactly the way you dreamed. Choosing the right builder can be one of the biggest decisions in the house building process as the builder is responsible for creating the house that you live in for years to come. Here are some points for you to consider before choosing a builder for your home:

Ask Around:

It is better to start by enquiring from your friends and family who have had some experience with a builder to construct or renovate their homes. Builders and architects often work with the same contractors and they are aware of who will do justice to their jobs. The architect’s recommendation is, therefore, a good place to start.

Look beyond the price:

Price is definitely an important factor to be considered when you decide to build a home. however, only focusing on the price will make you lose out on various important factors like quality, efficiency, building layout, transparency w.r.t paperwork.

Experience of the Builder

Check whether the builder has the experience and skills that you need. The experience of the builder in the industry will contribute to his efficiency. If he only has experience in renovations or extensions then he would not be the right choice for you. If he has been in the industry for a long time and has consistently performed to build great homes for people, then you can rest assured that he offers both quality and service.

Is the builder legit?

It is important to choose a builder who is licensed, registered and insured. Beware of builders who dodge questions on whether they are legally permitted to be involved in building and construction. Apart from this, it is always advisable to be updated on any litigations or legal embroilments of the builder. You can find out whether your builder is licensed and insured from your state or territory’s relevant department.

Information regarding the structural quality

The materials used in construction like cement, steel etc. should be of the best quality. The builder should provide you with details on tests like cube tests, steel tests etc. to make sure that the material used, consistency and the work undertaken on site is top notch. You may ask the builder to disclose the schedules of different phases of construction of your home to keep a tab on the structural quality and efficiency.

Communication is key

Check whether you can freely communicate with your builder. You should be able to share your requirements with him and he should understand what you need from the house that he is to build for you. You may have various designs in your purview, but it’s his duty to advise you whether the design is workable, give suggestions and new ideas. So, if you feel that you are unable to communicate properly, it’s best to step back and keep looking.

Service during and after Construction

The building process may, of course, go on for months. The builder should be available to meet you periodically to address your concerns and discuss your plans. You should also check whether you are allowed to meet the site workers like electricians, plumbers etc. so that you can specify your requirements directly. To ensure that you have a relaxed post shifting experience, the builder should undertake maintenance of homes and amenities

Contract documents

You should study the contract documents thoroughly to find out what costs are included in the final amount. Also, make sure that all points of discussion are included in the contract before signing the dotted line.                                                                                        

These are a few points which will help you to choose the right builder who will not only make your dream come true but also leave you with an asset that will prove its worth with time. Do you have any valuable insights to share? Let us know.

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